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xoxoxo*XTina*xoxoxo --You are in Chrissy's World Now....


_-_WhO I Am_-_
Pics Of me 4 you To See!
We are Family..
High School Years
See your name in lights!
See your name in lights!

Friends are like stars, you don't always see them, but they are always there!

    I'm so glad we've gotten to be friends and i met ya!! You are awesome to talk to, and you actually listen! We have to go out and parrrtayy it up soon with our Wigger Music. Turn it up really loud fo yo mama! hahaha That or just Train... wonder if she'd like them! Good luck with Lee! (i hear he makes you happy) hehe  TEAAAAAA!!! is EW GIRL EW! haha We'll admitt leah soon. movie. Sleepover. haha soon. bring the incense.
    Girl, you are crazy!! Kelsey is soo cute! hahahaha Who is that baby's daddy? hahaha We need to go to get it Krunk at an Elton concert!!! haha QUEER BAITS surrounding us. But if ya hear tiny dancer.. and i hear candle in the wind.. it's straight chillin! Tea is discusting! We're having a sleepova soon.. karokee and dancing with incense. Canns bringin those!
*.* Lindsey*.*
     We've had our rough times. Cuz I'm suchha biiiia biiia. But you've always came through at being a friend to me. Stay the same.. and give George a hug sometimes.. he needs it after the gossip he hears from us in 4th. hehe. How are we ever gonna leave him when Summer comes?
*.*Amanda B.*.*
     Dearest Pumpkin. You've always been so wonderful to me! Bringing me crayons and coloring books. How Sweet of you! I slept at the top bunk at your house once. and I didn't die. I getta prize. You've always been there for me, and you don't judge like the rest of them crazackas so thanks.
*.*Kelli K.*.*
    Though you never ever ever get online, you always listen to what I have to say in 6th, and you crack me up!!! The Matin Luther King picture you made for Blakey poo was so sweet.. Good luck with him, and stay happy and sweet. It's a hard trait to find this day and age!!

*.*Megan M*.*
    Woo girl what would Spanish be like without you behind me to keep me sane. We've pulled off some great stuff in there. And just cuz Jenkins is gone.. doesn't mean we stop. No sir. Still a permanent party.. or a permanent nap. whatever.. and when the new lady turns out the lights.. i will still get my flash light out. BECUZ I CAN! haha Thanks for always listenin to me! Us 4 you know.

((*Emily Margaret*))
    My bestest friend in the whole entire universe and beyond! Wow I miss you. I know we've both changed a lot and all b/c we're getting older. Ninth grade is a long time ago!!! But somehow I know you are always there for me. I miss seeing you. Majorly. What would i do without you. Never forget the memories Cheezy Fo Sheezy! Tell South Carolina to go on and Throw it up for me... specially when I finally come and visit!!
     Hello Caller Id Block! Wow, we've been friends a long time. Even if we don't remember Jr. High yo! haha We've bumped into one another b4.. lol but we always get things fixed up. Man he lookssss niceeee.. Ya'll had that moment in time. haha Stay crazy.. and try not to lose yo fone while.. well anyways don't lose it!
     El Senorita Ashley. What would I do without yo cracka self in Spanish II! You are so funny, and sweeet. You definetly did talk to Caller ID block.. unlike ole Rae Rae up there. hahaha Stay Crazy and Sweet!!
     My Chemistry Partner!! All i have to say to you is "girllll stop SPRIN'N". That was really funny. You made a good strippa cop, i mean actor cop in the play! You know i'm playing. I had fun at your house during the suga bowl.. lol the Sims game is awesome. And I'm stealing your dog. Yup. Stay crazy.. oh and i like it when you do my hair. hahaha

      Bob!!! You've been there for me for some great time now. Gah since like Early Jr. High. Hi, BOb hadda baby, ITZ A BOY! Old school memories! Now when Mel says to Stop Sprin'n i mean stop it!! haha I had fun growing Crystals with you in Chemistry. (righttt) Stay Crazy.. i wont prank you anymore!! Lets go Fly a kite and sit on a stool soon.

((*Megan B.*))
      Your ice cream was soo pretty. You didn't stare at his crotch when you called him a jerk. hahaha peanut butter is great. You Ganker!!! I love hanging out witcha cuz ur funny. Most amusing. he is pretty. haha I am coming back to master the top bunk again soon. Maybe Queer eye for the straight guy will come on!! Thanks for being my close friend since Kidergarden. Our Pants rock.

((*Megan J.*))
     I'm glad that you were oh so brave enough to let me drive you on the jet ski! LOL ROOKIE! Thanks for always being there for me.. you're great!

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